Cedilla's Rules

updated 03/12/20

⇾ First Come, First Serve Celebrity Roleplay
⇾ Applications are done as needed
⇾ All Override Inquiries will be dealt with accordingly



⇾ Post your Intro Post within 48 hours of being added
⇾ Comment all Introduction posts (from when you were added)
⇾ Comment all comments in your Introduction post within a week of being added


⇾ Make a post before the First and 15th of the month.
⇾ No min or max on length of post
⇾ Interaction is part of your activity:
      ⇾Comments 5 or more (preferably on different days) on one or more posts
      ⇾ Submit a Scene Thread or Private Custom to the mod
      ⇾ Submit a messager thread to the mod

Check-Post Info

⇾ Update Link
⇾ Ad Link
⇾ Interaction Link (Custom post (link), Messenger Log, Activities, etc.)
      ⇾Only if you are asked to for the second check in of the month